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  • Razer Atheris
  • Razer Atheris
  • Razer Atheris
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Optimized for both work and play, the Razer Atheris is packed with features such as industry-leading signal stability, dual-connectivity, and over 300 hours of continuous use*, all in a pocket-sized ergonomic body, focused on delivering performance and productivity. *Battery life may vary based on connection type.
G603 is built for comfort with an ergonomically-designed, lightweight, contoured body. Customize G603 to achieve just the right weight by choosing to use either one or two batteries—with no impact to performance. You can also choose which side to place a single battery, for custom balancing.
Razer has shown interest in on-the-go gaming with the svelte Razer Blade and Razer Blade Stealth laptops, but mobile gamers also need a mouse to pair with their luggable rigs.

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