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SteelSeries APEX 350 - Gaming Keyboard, US STEELSERIES
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Izplatītājs SteelSeries
Nosaukums SteelSeries APEX 350 - Gaming Keyboard, US
Izstrādājuma numurs:
Noliktavā 2
Garantija yes
105.00 EUR (109.99)
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Overview: Introducing the Apex 350, a gaming keyboard designed to enable users to react quickly, move strategically, and customize its performance for every game.

Fast Action Keys - With the Apex 350, the low-profile design coupled with the fast-action keys allows the user to react more quickly, gaining a competitive edge.

Customization - SteelSeries Engine 3 has you covered when it comes to customizing lighting, macros, and even more Apex 350 options. The award-winning software ensures you are able to completely customize your Apex 350 keyboard.

Intuitive Design - The combination of 16.8 million color illumination, low-profile keys and sleek lines come together giving Apex 350 beautiful form and optimized function. We even built in a few more features to make Apex 350 the complete solution.

Superior Anti-Ghosting - The SteelSeries Apex 350 gaming keyboard supports anti-ghosting for 20 keys located in the most-used gaming areas on the keyboard. Out of these 20 capable keys, 6 can be used simultaneously, allowing those key presses to register without locking the keyboard. These keys are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F, L-Ctrl, L-Shift, Space, and the four arrow keys.

Easy WASD - Small bumps on the W-key provide a faster return to WASD. When you quickly have to type a message or execute a command, we want to make sure that you find your way back to WASD as quickly as possible without having to look.

Extra Keys - We wanted to give you even more control with Apex 350 so we added an array of other keys. Independent media and volume keys provide instant access to media control and more. Two more arrow keys give extra directional convenience. The SteelSeries key allows you to access special functions like disabling the Windows® key.

SteelSeries Engine 3 - If you want the full Apex 350 experience then SteelSeries Engine 3 is the way to go. Download the software suite for complete control over your keyboard. The options include control over your lighting intensity levels, unlimited macro creation, an unlimited number of profiles, and complete button remapping.

Comprehensive Macros - The Apex 350 gives you even more ways to win thanks to 22 additional macro keys. You can even record macros on the fly. The macro keys above the F-keys are raised for easy access and quick combos.

Plug and Play - There’s no need to install software in order to use the Apex 350. However, you will miss out on a lot of customization options. Just plug it in if you need to get right to the gaming. The keyboard will still work, including a few features like the disabling of the windows key and more.

Activezone Lighting - The Apex 350 features 5 independent color zones that are each capable of 16.8 million colors. These can be customized to create a unique color scheme for each of your macro profiles, to quickly determine which macro profile is enabled. The possibilities are limitless.

Swappable Feet - Swappable rubber feet allow you to find the most comfortable gaming angle for those long gaming sessions. You can raise or lower Apex 350 depending on which feet you decide to game with.

Integrated USB Hub - An integrated USB hub adds two USB ports to your setup giving you quick access to storage right on your Apex 350 keyboard.
Specifications: Layout: Low-Profile
USB Ports: 2 USB 2.0 Hubs
Ergonomically Raised Macro Keys: 22
Dedicated Media Keys
Driver-less Plug-and-Play
Anti-Ghosting: 20 Key
Illumination: 5-Zone Prism RGB Illumination
Swappable Rubber Feet
Weight: 1330 g
Height: 52 mm
Width: 560 mm
Cable Length: 1.8 m
Switch Type: Membrane
Switch Name: SteelSeries Membrane
Engine Support: SSE3
Remappable Keys
Custom Key Illumination
Multiple Macro Keys
Onboard Profile Storage
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