Razer BlackWidow Lite - STORMTROOPER Edition, US

  • Razer BlackWidow Lite - STORMTROOPER Edition, US
  • Razer BlackWidow Lite - STORMTROOPER Edition, US
  • Razer BlackWidow Lite - STORMTROOPER Edition, US
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On average, you’re bound to spend 1/3 of your life working. It’s time to reconsider the tools you use every day—meet the Razer BlackWidow Lite. It melds the fast responsiveness for gaming with toned down features to be subtle for the office. High performance keys meets o-ring sound dampeners, and true white LED backlighting, keeping you focused and productive as you type away even into the late hours.
Dark Project KD2 - Ultra compact gaming keyboard – 60% of the size. Most advanced technology and hardware used. Optical Gateron switches with Hot Swap compatibility. Top quality Doubleshot keycaps, bright RGB backlight, that can be customized in software. Minimum input lag and premum build. Join the dark side!
игровая механическая клавиатура c RGB сверхкомпактного формата 60%. Как и ее «старшая сестра», построена на самых современных, наибыстрейших и обласканных гик-сообществом опто-механических переключателях Gateron, поддерживает технологию горячей замены свитчей, а кейкапы выполнены по технологии двойного литья, что делает их практически вечными.
FUNCTIONAL. RELIABLE. IMPERIAL. Upholding law and order in the Star Wars universe is no easy task. And it is through the dependable stormtrooper that the Galactic Empire maintains its power. In this same vein comes a line of exclusive Star Wars gaming peripherals inspired by these brave stalwarts—bearing the same hallmarks of reliability and functionality the galaxy has come to respect and admire.

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