The Apuri is back. The discreet mouse bungee performs the crucial task of keeping your gaming area clear by guiding your mouse cable away during play. Solid, flexible, functional and compatible with every wired mouse - there’s a reason it’s a fan favorite.
Introducing the Fnatic LIFT mouse bungee. Your perfect Fnatic cursor companion!
Improve gaming precision with the Razer Mouse Bungee. Designed to eliminate cable tangling and provide accurate mousework with full freedom of movement.
BenQ ZOWIE CAMADE Cable Management Device for e-Sports
Mouse Bungee will help keep your cord off the ground, away from the rest of your clutter. Anti-Slip Feet for Heavy-Duty Stability Drag-Free Cord Control Anti-Slip Feet for Heavy-Duty Stability Space Saving Drag-Free Cord Control

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